I'm Juxhin ("Eugene"), a Maltese-Albanian (🇲🇹/🇦🇱) engineer and a cybersecurity enthusiast with a passion for application security, embedded systems, and real-time data streaming. Co-founding a pioneering tech startup, PhishDeck, and currently heading engineering at Exein, I've had the chance to work alongside brilliant minds to develop innovative solutions that make a difference.

I love and appreciate any form of engineering—I find it captivating how we are able to achieve what we want, with what we have. From avionics, to aerospace, infrastructure and transport—engineering really sparks my imagination and drives my work. Less obvious is my interest in business, leadership and econommics as well as my love for sports, particularly boxing and motorsport.

This blog is simply a personal space I intend to develop to withstand the test of time, hence its simplicity and lack of libraries or frameworks. Topics can vary but will generally revolve around engineering and technology.

You can find me on the following platforms.