Computer Science, Information Security & Software Engineering

Rediscovering Hamming code

This will arguably be one of the more boring posts on the blog however I figured some keen eyes might extract something useful out of this, even if not technical. Note – if you would like take a closer look at the scratch project, you can find it here.A couple

Twistrs — Domain name enumeration library in Rust

Twistr is a Domain name permutation and enumeration library powered by Rust. It aims to directly port the well-known dnstwist tool allowing for fast and flexible interfacing capabilities with the core libraries based on client's requirements.

Rust & Python—A Gentle Comparison using Simple Neural Networks

DisclaimerI am by no means proficient in Rust as you very well will see. As a  result, these results should be taken with a pinch of salt. Any  improvements are most welcome!Note--there are some great discussions over at the /r/rust subreddit for more information about code optimisation that

Synner — A TCP SYN Client Written in Rust

Disclaimer - I am in no way trying to incentivize  users to go and use such tools against targets without receiving full  permission to do so. Nor do I guarantee that this won't fry your network  card. Users can use it at their own risk. The project can be found

How to setup PyCharm Remote Debugger for Docker

For the past year or so I  have been diving into the somewhat crazy world of containers,  particularly Docker on a daily basis. The benefits tend to outweigh the  negatives (atleast in a development environment) however it does have  it's quirks in terms of setting up a local environment. You

Microsoft Tilde (~) Enumeration

Recently during a bug  bounty program I came across a particularly, "rare" vulnerability that  often few people (myself included) don't quite understand. At first  glance, the Microsoft IIS Tilde (~) Enumeration vulnerability seems like one of those cases where a feature is a bug (similar to XXE). This article aims to

Introduction to Deferred Rendering

This article does not intend to delve into the process of coding an engine with a deferred rendering pipeline. The article shall overview the rendering technique in certain technical detail to give a better understanding of what is truly going on underneath the hood. It also aims to clearly depict
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